Traditional Chinese Medicine



Disease usually means the body's vital energy was weak and the pathogen attacked and entered the body. To expel the pathogen (detoxify) and defend the vital energy is the main principle of treatment. Acupuncture aims to reduce superfluous elements, tonify Qi and promote the movement of Qi in the channels and organs as well. Herbs have the same function but stronger. When the pathogen is expelled, and the circulation of blood, the immune system and the function of the organs are greatly enhanced, health is regained.



In general, with less risk and fewer side effects than conventional medication, TCM is not dangerous. If one analyses the occasional negative media reports carefully, it becomes apparent that there is no real solid evidence; in some cases it was accidental. This demonstrates how important it is that patients should select a genuine, highly qualified and experienced practitioner to be assured of safety. Correct diagnosis and prescriptions are essential as is good technique; these are the prerequisites for safety.


Professor Ma's Consultant TCM Cheam Clinic opened in September 1999 and has now a very good reputation. Patients recommend patients because of really effective and safe treatment. Not only local residents attend but our patients also come from other cities in England and other countries such as Uganda, France, Greece, Germany, Pakistan and Japan. Cheam Clinic is a consultant clinic for other TCM practitioners who refer their patients for a second opinion; also many Western medical GP and Consultants recommend our clinic as well. The Department of Health has acknowledged Chinese medicine, for its registration process, and now some private medical insurance schemes pay for treatment at our clinic.